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Why writing with heal you

Writing will heal you. Writing healed me. I've been writing for more than a decade now. Am I a writer? No! In fact, I speak four languages and have a mosh posh of words in my head, so writing is not my forte. But for this kind of writing, you need nothing. No experience, no education, no knowledge. This is a date with your heart. 

We write to release, to believe, to experience. It doesn't have to make sense. No need for writing prompts. It doesn't have to be pretty, and the best part is not going to be read by anyone, not even you. How about that?!

Our arms and hands are the extensions of our hearts. When you write, you are unloading all unresolved emotional experiences sitting in your subconscious, hence "letting it go" consciously and energetically. You have to be willing to let it go consciously, but also, you have to release it actively (from your energetic body, your aura, your magnetic field, your ten bodies). This practice does both. Letting go is the act of willingly saying, I choose not to hold this feeling or thought anymore. I will forgive, forget, and release for the highest good of all involved. Putting your feelings into words is a compelling way to clear your vibration, connect with your true self, and see where the masks play their roles. This is why we write.


1. A notebook. Please keep the same one until it is finished, then move to a new one. I move through beautiful journals like there is no tomorrow.

2. Your awareness. Every time you have odd thoughts, good thoughts, bad thoughts, write them down. Start to have a conversation with your heart and see what comes up.

"Why?" Always ask why. Write something and follow it with a why? You will be surprised at the things that will come up. This magic question has a quantum process to it. When you start to write and ask why, you will recognize you are having a conversation with someone, a voice, your higher self, your soul, God, you tell me...the thing is that these conversations are so profound and full of wisdom that you start to understand that you are not alone. You feel the connection for a higher loving realm. And when you experience this, you can't deny your connection with source.


Jaja, great question. Because it allows you to move throught your day and your path with ease, releasing obstacles as you move. This prevents creating blockages in your energy or mind that might stay with you for a while if you don't catch them. We've all been there; it's no most fun. Writing allows you to see what you are not seeing, feel what you are avoiding, and hear what your heart is saying without the interference of your mind. 

Sounds heavenly, right? Write dear one. Write until you surprise yourself. Write it all; start to have one-on-one dates with your soul. I hope this finds you well; if you are into it but don't know where to start or have all the feelings, check out my books, there is writing for days in them as part of your daily spiritual practice.


Love you, m