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"Hi Maria! I just wanted to share. I was just meditating. At first it wasn’t going well, then there was a shift. The whole idea of rebirth came upon me. The feeling, the notion, and how we went through the birthing ceremony this weekend. I was grateful for the entire experience. More so, happy to know that I am a new person. I am reborn. As these thoughts came upon me, I decided to then turn the music on that you forwarded. The first song that played was Ek Ong Kar Lullaby.  It brought me back to the tunnel and all the beautiful, loving whispers.  I’m embracing who I was meant to be. Thank you again.  I look forward to April." - V

"María has been a big part of my healing process. Thanks to her teachings and healing classes I was able to get to know myself better and understand the areas I need to work on. She is a wonderful soul and an angel full love. A love the passion she has on learning new things to pass on to her students. I highly recommend María as a spiritual guide and healer. I have not only seen progress for myself but for many souls that participate in her classes. Huge admiration for Maria’s work." -CM

"My journey of healing has been and will continue to be beautiful. Healing has been painful and even terrifying at times... but it’s also been empowering, liberating, and freeing as I learn to deeply connect with my own soul and my energy within. Being able to feel clarity, calmness and profound love is changing the world for me as well as those around me in unimaginable ways. Energy healing with Maria has been indescribably moving. I look forward to more sessions with her as I continue my quest of healing, peace, possibility and inner love. Much love!" -SD

"After having several private 1 on 1 healing sessions with Maria I was lucky enough to be able to attend her Alchemy healing workshop in September of 2021. Every time I left a session with Maria I drove away a better version of myself and while I knew I would feel the same after the workshop I was admittedly nervous not knowing what to expect. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to heal beside these women under the guidance of Maria. What I found was a room full of people who were all on the same path, same mission and same frequency. It was an empowering and cathartic day that has enhanced my life in the time since. Maria has a special gift of being able to both aid in healing individuals on a personal level as well as the group as a whole. If you have an opportunity to join a Collective Grace workshop with Maria do not pass it up!" -EH

"I had a quite transformative experience when I came to you for help with healing. The space felt so welcoming and peaceful and really helped me feel instantly relaxed. Your warmth and energy has been so inviting that I immediately felt okay opening up to you. Even as we were talking and the tears were flowing I felt peace. The guided meditation helped immensely and the energy work when I was on the table left me feeling like I was on cloud nine. That dark energy I was feeling was instantly gone and I haven’t felt that good in such a long time. While I know that was just the beginning for me, I feel confident that I can come back or reach out for help anytime. Thank you so much!" -SH

"I have experienced both a personal healing energy session and a group retreat led by Maria. Both were equally powerful and healing. Maria has a way of picking up on your energy and seeing into your soul whether you are the only one in the room, or one of many. When she looks in your eyes it’s intense, but in a good way. She is present and connected, and the energy and healing she projects is palpable. She personally helped me with a breakthrough which I am forever grateful for. I trust her enough that I brought my 11 year old who has generalized anxiety to her for an energy healing session. She was so caring and clearly tailored her message and healing for her age. I highly recommend Maria, and have referred many friends to her." -SB


“The lovely, simple techniques Maria moved us through in her last retreat have enabled me to be honest with, and about, myself in such a way that is really liberating. I’ve been surprised at how quickly I’ve experienced the benefits. I love the honesty and practicality of her teachings and the fact that it’s leading me towards a better understanding and acceptance of myself and ultimately (I hope) to tapping into my full creative potential – in whatever form that may take, lol surrendering! I am learning! Bella Maria, thank you, you have truly changed my life.” - MD

“I have been blessed to know Maria for almost 5 years. She has been my spiritual teacher/guide for over a year. I had made great progress in my healing and my growth working with other teachers, therapists, attending classes and by maintaining a regular practice. Once I started working with Maria, that healing and growth grew exponentially. Maria has led me through some very deep work with a confident, gentle style. Her use of writing has opened up portals and taken me to places that years of traditional therapy didn’t. Within a few sessions, I felt lighter, stronger and more confident in my healing and in my gifts. Themes I had been working on for over 15 years seemed to heal within an hour! Her classes are magical even though I am unable to attend in person because I live several states away. Her magic translates across Zoom, text and email. Her work has also allowed generational healing in my family as both of my daughters work with her as well and I am so very grateful that they are in such capable, loving hands. My life has been changed so positively through my work with Maria. I can’t wait to see where we go together in this life and beyond!” - KY

“My healing soul sessions with Maria have been nothing but incredible (Truly an understatement). Her ability to tap in and connect to my heart, higher self & souls desires is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Each session heals, guides, awakens and opens me up to all that I wish to be and become in this world. I am truly grateful for you Maria, especially for your bravery and willingness to share your priceless gifts, sweet soul & beautiful light with us all ☺️ You are a once in a lifetime kinda awesome.” - VB

"I’m part of a fertility group and Maria came highly recommended. I decided to do a session with her prior to my IVF transfer. I was blown away by the experience. At first I was a little skeptical about doing this over zoom but since I did not live in Southern California I had no choice. Within the first 5 minutes of our session Maria was able to help me deal with some deep rooted issues that have been holding me back for the past 32 years. I felt such relief to get it all out. After my session I felt much happier and lighter. In addition to this healing session I also signed up to have Maria clear the energy in the room the day of my embryo transfer. On my way to my appointment I was overcome with emotion. Maria’s energy created a calm space for me. I felt completely relaxed and I knew I was in good hands. Overall my experience with Maria was amazing and I’m so thankful to have worked with her." - MD

"Maria is a true healer. A session with her is like 6 months of therapy, and that's the truth because I've been to therapy. She has a wonderful way of holding space and getting directly to the root of the issue. I get so much out of the sessions I've had with her, she is truly remarkable at what she does!"

"Committing to the journey of self healing is one of the things I am most proud of for beginning and most excited to continue unfolding. Maria has been a constant guiding light through this experience. Her words truly speak to me and she is able to so eloquently provide exactly what I need to hear that makes me go deeper and really think. My energy healing session with Maria opened doors and advanced my progress on understanding myself more than I ever could have imagined. The connection she fostered so naturally allowed me to find what I was looking for within myself and sparked a want to continue this for a lifetime. I can’t thank Maria enough - a true master of her craft."


"I am so grateful for my energy healing session with Maria. I've been working through processing some childhood trauma for years. Seeking to identify the source of the deep sadness that I still carry around as a woman (now 50). With Maria I finally had a break through to understand where that sadness is coming from, and I have implemented practices to heal that little girl. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I've moved from fear and anxiety of the unknown, to acknowledging the sadness so that the 5 year old and 50 year old me can move forward. Thank you so much Maria for your time, love, and energy!"

"I have been working with Maria for nearly a year. I have learned so many valuable lessons from her. She has taught me how to talk to my soul and listen to what my soul needs. Just being in the presence of Maria will instantly calm you, she always knows exactly what I need when I go see her. Always willing to listen and offer her love and light! Maria has helped me open doors to my past I didn't even know I had closed. She has taught me to open my heart and to accept and work with my natural gifts and energy. I wish every person could spend a few minutes with Maria, our world would be a much better place! This energy healing journey has been liberating to say the least. I feel lighter and brighter and more equipped to flow with whatever comes my way! Thank you Maria for being my guiding light !!"


"I attended one of Maria's Breathwork meditation classes and it was amazing. I had never practiced breathwork before, so I'm glad that my first class was with Maria. She is very kind and good-hearted. She let us know that she was with us throughout the whole practice. I definitely felt safe in the space she created for us, even though it was through Zoom. Thank you, Maria!"

"Maria guides me through so much deep rooted emotional pain. She supported me in understanding the root causes of shame, guilt, and unhappiness in my life. She supported me during this emotional and troubling time, helping me peel back layers and see the bigger picture. I was able to break deep ancestral cycles and move past my ego to find love for myself again. I am beyond grateful for Maria and her work. She is so gentle, loving, compassionate, truly is a light worker here to be of service. I am so grateful for her."

"Healing with you has really helped me have a better relationship with myself and my mom. I didn’t realize how much resentment I had towards my mom after my dad passed away until you helped me heal. My dad’s passing was really hard for me and through healing I’ve learned to not be so angry about it and also I’ve learned to share things differently with with my dad. For example, rather than “I wish my dad was here to see me build this” I say “look what I did dad😊” Thank you."

"Maria is a lightworker like none other. She gives her full attention to you and makes you feel safe. I felt so rejuvenated after our session! She checks in with you a few days later to see how you're feeling as well. I just adore her!"

"I had my first session two weeks ago and was absolutely blown away. I learned so much about myself in that session and I have struggled with meditation so Maria showed me a technique to use to help calm my “monkey mind.” So far it has been really promising! I can’t wait to schedule my next session and keep moving forward on my healing journey!!"