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LOVE Protects You

The process of visualization can transform negative energy into positive. Just like we use our imagination to picture things or dreams, we can also use it to change the energy that we don’t like or would like to shift. 

When we encounter negative energy, we tend to tense up. When we tense up, we become negative, attracting even more negative energy — ay Dios mio! To avoid getting dragged by that bus, we need to relax. As we relax, we allow love to take over and raise your vibration.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you feel unsafe, drained, tired, lost, sad, or like you are being dragged a few blocks emotionally, panic not. Send yourself love to shift your vibration. Choose love to heal yourself. Focusing on your heart, visualize a powerful ball of white or green light in your chest. Allow this light to expand all around you until you are fully covered by it.

You can do this with others as well. If you sense the energy of others as unsafe or a place that feels “weird,” perhaps you are with a negative person or in a conversation that does not feel right: 



s e n d   t h e m   l o v e   f r o m   y o u r   h e a r t



Take a deep breath and calm your emotions. Imagine a powerful beam of white or green light coming out of your heart. Send this light and love to them. You can see it and feel it pouring from your heart. You can send it to their heart or cover their entire body with it. Focus your awareness on this light and choose to send love instead of reacting. You will see how fast the situation will change for everyone.

*** You can also visualize someone being wrapped in love from the comfort of your bed after a long day. 

Love regenerates the cells in your body, allowing you to raise your vibration. You change imperfections by loving them, not by denying them. Send others love, no matter how they act, no matter how they show up. We can all use some extra loving.

Love you, m