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Why Salt

Why do we use salt + water to clear and clean dense energy?

Salt is a crystal, is a natural mineral. From this mineral world, these beings have a small consciousness but a mighty memory. Because they can hold a lot of information, they can absorb a lot of information as well. This is why we clean our crystals, especially the new ones or gifted ones. We clean them from old programs, old memories, old energies that are not yours. They are full of them and sometimes saturated to the point where the crystal can't hold it anymore and it breaks. That's not to say it is bad energy. It is just not yours.

Salt breaks dense energy into smaller particles as it absorbes it.
Water transmutes these dense particles.


We clear and clean our crystals in a little plastic container with salt and water to release any old programs and memories. We dump the water into the toilet so it can go back to Earth.

Why do we shower at night with salt?

So salt can break all of our dense energy and water can flush it out of our system. This releasing back to mother earth is so important. Because of what we have lived, felt, gone through, we can give back so others can learn from our experiences.

If you are showering at night, use some salt as you would soap!
What salt to use, kitchen salt, Kosher salt (it is already blessed). It is an immediate release, and if you are sensitive to energy you will feel it immediately. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Love you so much, give it a try ;) blessings, m