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What COVID Taught Me

Ayayai, I got COVID. All is well, and also I got a beautiful lesson with it.

We must never, ever take for granted the capacity we have to hold space for ourselves and everyone around us. Holding space is an abstract concept. But a real one. "Holding space" means being physically, mentally, and emotionally present for someone. It means putting your focus on someone to support them as they feel their feelings.

Our vast capacity to expand our energetic arms and hold other people, places, and circumstances for them are truly mesmerizing. Just by helping, talking, even thinking about someone (good or bad), you are holding space for them. You are occupying your energetic field with a portion of their vibration, and they can sense this. You are sending them light and love consciously or not. You are connecting. You are doing this all day, every day, and you might not even notice it. 

Responding to emails, texts, phone calls. Helping others, sharing, giving, receiving are all mundane activities, but is an act of holding space. How many people do you hold space for in a day? How many people are you carrying, walking with? Think about this. A lot. A lot!!! And even though we know that all of this is an energy exchange, just like money, just like every interaction between giving and receiving, it showed me how truly precious it is. We might be used to our actions and interactions, and we might not think twice about them. But it's time we do.

During COVID, I had zero energy. I mean, I could barely desire to open my eyes. I laid on the couch for 16 days letting my body take up all my energy + reserves to heal itself. Energy is my job. It is what I've known how to do and communicate with the best. This time I was running on zero energy. Zero energy showed me I could not hold space for absolutely anyone, not even my family, not even my pups. It's like your bubble, your aura deflates all its air, and it is just barely touching the surface of your skin. That is zero energy. Your container is empty. 

Wao, if it made me feel so grateful for my "little" piece of energy I was running on. It reminded me that with or without COVID, we must be aware of who, what, and when we share our energy with. And never give our energy for granted! Ever! This is so important. It is not selfish; it is sacred. Our society guilts us for not giving more, doing more, always more. No wonder we run in an energy and emotionally depleted society. We haven't cared to value how incredible we are as human beings and the concept of "holding space." To give it some real deep honor, attention and celebration!!! It is not "one more thing" you are good at. It is huge!!! If you are a mother, a wife, a boss, a neighbor, a teacher, a name it, you are holding space for your community, your loved ones and your society. You are inspiring those around you, supporting, loving, you are holding space. This too is a full time job!

So that said, who do you want to share your energy with? Where and who you want to spend this energy is up to you, but now more than ever, recognize that every single bit counts, and where you place it creates your future.  Linda, you hold an incredible magnetic space just by being alive. You're a multidimensional being. It's who you are. So spend your energy wisely, don't take it for granted, just because you can't see it. Your energy is the most precious tool you have. It is the force that gives you your life.

I am back, baby! Love you, m