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Your secret sauce: Grace

It's my devotion to speak to women as I am one, and have been trying to figure out how to be one for the last 33 years of my life. It is hands on the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The following is the grounding landscape of my collective grace. Everything that encompasses the library, practices, and teachings in this space. Life is a connection of lessons. The following base will bring them into balance, allow prosperity to drive your life ruled by wisdom. This is your secret sauce. (P.S. don't worry, I don't cook either but somehow maneuver through these 5 beauties on a daily basis).

Command + delete

The problem is that we think we cant change our lives, we think we are stuck with who we are, our childhood and the way we are wired. But, sorry not sorry, that's not true. You are wired in the most potent, most magnificent way where every single inch of you can be transformed, rewired, cleaned and adjust. For hundreds, thousands of years, there has been sacred teachings on how to be happy in human form. All you have to do is actually wanting to change. Clean your house, refresh your mind, reset your life. It all starts with you. The notion that it can't change is your first problem; don't belive everything you think. Command + delete, please.


You are the King & the Queen

You are everything. There is no need for divisions, for separation. Let's get clear, really clear. You are everything you need. You are made out of the same atoms and the same matter that comprises life on earth. That means the plants, the oceans, the animals, the planets, the shooting starts. So you are set for success.

The work is remembering who you are and getting to know yourself. As women, we are grace just by being alive. We are strength, courage, passion, dedication, compassion, kindness. We mold and generates our environments for peace and happiness in our homes, our community. Understaning you are a woman and a mother. This composition is so important, so liberating. As an individual, you are an infinite being, creative, expansive you are the light, just by being alive. Remembering this will be your work of art.


Radiance is acceptance

Acceptance is key. Essentially what we are doing is removing walls, peeling layers of untrue stories, this allows us to radiate. When we radiate we attract infinite creativity, abundance, love. We live in the highest vibrational frequency we are crystal clear. 

Accepting we are entirely up to us, gives us the responsibility to master ourselves, to remove what we don't like about ourselves and expand what we do. We can't blame others for who we are, as only we hold the key to the wires of our DNA. When we admit our good and bad we relate to the infinity. Infinity understands we are expansive, we can mold, adapt, shift, we can create our own reality. There is no one out there that can fill that void for you, for, in reality, everything comes from within. Your different roles ( mother, sister, wife ) are not your identity, your bliss is perceived as coming from outside, rather than from within. Can u relate, can you understand how your world would shift if your light would come from within? Accept you are your own responsability, and you will radiate.


Own your guacamole

I don't cook, but I do make a mean guacamole, and I own it! I own my guacamole! I know my guac is the bom, everything else in the kitchen not so much, but I am so okay with that! Master your power, accept exactly who you are, love every curve in your body, embody every skill of yours. Embrace that, yes, we are sensitive, we are intuitive, we are creative and that is what makes us so powerful. If we weren't sensitive we couldnt have the kind understanding for our kids, if we weren't intuitive we couldnt orginize our husbense lives ;) and if we werent creative... well the world would not exist. There is nothing wrong in being these things, in being exaclty how and who you are.

How can we be equal to man when we give birth to man? It's not possible. Yet we throw ourselves at the feet of male-dominated culture and ask men to accept us, love us, honor us. Don't give me wrong, I love my men, but it doesn't mean we dont need to readjust our thinking here. Own your guacamole, be proud of your composition, it is perfect, it is divine. Can you love yourself, accept yourself and honor yourself? Master your emotions by living in your power. Create your projection, reclaim your identity. You are gold baby, solid gold.


Happiness in human form

We want to be happy, but we don't even know what makes us happy. We want it all, but we want it now, with little effort and with a green juice on the side. Nah, (asi no se puede ;) hard work pays off my dear, and if you do not like something right now, it's only up to you to change it. We have endless tools, your only problem is finding the time, and that means making the time. So, do you have some time right meow?

Living in grace is an act of consciousness. How? Observe your patterns see what comes up see how you deal with it. Act to not react. It's not a test, just a way to live happy in human form. They are everyday habits, not a 5-day masterclass. Learn what works for you, learn what makes you meet your soul, learn how to get closer to your everyday grace. We are all students, do honor us by your presence.


These 5 beauties and everything else on this Collective Grace is for you. You are here, you are curious, if you are curious you are ready. Jump high and dive deep, I will hold space for this, for you, for us to rise collectively in grace. The world needs it, the world needs you. 

 xoxo, Maria