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The Screen Door Effect

Creating meaningful habits is a meditative practice. It's about lots of tiny moments that come together to serve you and support you. The easiest way to make a connection is by checking with yourself and the rhythms of your day.


Evenings, restore :: Leave everything that happened throughout the day outside your bedroom.


Your day is a journey, a chapter — it's not who you are. Imagine a fine screen in place of the door in your bedroom. As you walk through the door, take a deep inhale and leave everything as you walk through it. You are leaving everything that feels heavy outside your bedroom. Let it remove from you all that you don't need to take to bed with you. Our bedroom is a very sacred place. Treat it like such. Go to bed as you are, not what the day made you be.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Bless those around you, and close your eyes.


Love, m