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Supporting these angels

I wanted to share that I am now offering Pet Energy Healing Sessions. Our little ones are everything for us humans. Animals come to Earth to work on their emotional body, and sometimes when awakened enough, they start to tap into their mental body. When they find pain or a blockage, they appreciate the release and movement of it through energy work because it is their language. Because they are so tapped into this plane and are so sensitive to it, energy healing is an effortless way for them to absorb, digest, and release any foreign bodies this way. I love pets, and it is with great love + honor to serve yours. I understand they mean everything to you, as so do mine to me. ~ We will connect via zoom/phone

That said, I wanted to share a healing and meditation practice you can do with them! 

Animal healing is the spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. In a nutshell, "doing" energy healing for animals is a form of meditation, intending to help to heal their subtle energetic bodies – and in turn, their physical body as well. Healing helps us navigate our own life's challenges with grace while learning to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space. There are several forms of energy healing you can do in the comfort of your own home to help move your pup into this ideal state. 


Meditating with our dogs is easy to do. They just need an invitation to join in. Ever notice how your pup is naturally drawn to you while you are in a restful state? They are responding to the calming energy that is quite literally radiating out of you. Our bodies are energy, and that energy doesn't stop at our skin. We consistently exchange it with our dogs, and when we meditate together, that energy harmonizes, so deeper connection, communication, and mutual understanding happens more quickly. This applies not only during meditation but all the time.

To start deepening your bond, you can begin a routine by setting aside time each day to sit and meditate with your dog(s). A simple yet effective technique you can use is called So Hum meditation. On the in-breath, silently hear the sound "So". On the out-breath, hear the word "Hum". Allow your mind to settle on those words, following the natural rhythm of your breath. When the mind wanders, which it is bound to naturally do countless times during meditation, gently guide your awareness back to the sound of "So Hum". Continue the practice for 10 minutes. Always come out of meditation slowly and gently. Notice how you're feeling and bring into your heart the love and gratitude you feel for your furry companion. Rest in that energy for a few moments before opening your eyes.


While we are naturally made of light and love, most of us have simply forgotten this essential fact and overlook our beautiful eternal nature. Energy healing helps us to remember, awakening within us the blessing and ability to help any sentient being heal and, in turn, also reflect their essential nature.

Try this simple practice from the book Healing Virtues by Kathleen Prasad:

To radiate compassion and peace, go ahead and sit comfortably, relax your body. Rest your hands on your lap, whatever feels comfortable to you. Sit or stand near your animals and invite them to share this space with you.

As you inhale, visualize your breath as a beautiful healing light coming in through your nose, filling your body down to your lower belly. Imagine you can expand that light slowly out your skin and now into the space around you and the universe as you exhale. Breathing in, bringing that light through your nose all the way through your body to your lower belly. Breathing out, expanding this light in front of you, behind you, beneath you, above you… A beautiful healing bubble all around you. Breathing in the light into the lower belly, and breathing out the light, expanding... breathing in, and breathing out... feeling your edges soften a little bit into the light, slowly becoming one with that light. Now place your hands, palms together, in front of your heart. Feel the peace radiating from you... imagine that your animals can step into and out of this peaceful, healing space as they wish... setting your intention to finish, take a nice, deep breath, and slowly come back.


If you are interested, you can book a session with me HERE for your pup or read more about it. Hope you all enjoy this, love you and animals so much, m