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Why do we suffer?

Why do we suffer? We attach. Attach not.

Do not get attached to people. They are not your owners, and you don't own them. You are your own owner. You feel empty because they didn't give you what you were looking for or needing at that time. But if they give you a word of love, or a minor kind gesture, suddenly you feel better, life is good, and you are back on track? So, in essence, they do own your heart and soul; well, you're letting them do such. 

But that's not the law. 

Nonsense. Those are stories that you've made in your head for years. Life and experiences told your mind that that's the way it should be from now on. Imagine if this conversation between your mind and heart happened when you were 3, 5, or 12 years old. You've been living like this for so many years. It doesn't have to be like this; it helps nothing and is serving no one. 

Everything you need, you have inside. In other words, if you need a few words of love, go ahead, say them to yourself, and get what you need. This allows you to break ties, remove attachments, and co-dependencies on anyone. It saves you sooooo much time, let's be real here, time of endless mental negative chatter - you know the feeling -.

The things we need from others, the things we expect to receive from others are the most significant signs of the things we need to heal ourselves. What you expect from others is what you're not giving to yourself. What if you would give yourself all these things you wish others would provide you? If others gave them to you or not, you would not mind because you already have them. In other words, what people give you or not, doesn't really matter.

Because you have now decided to create a more significant and more powerful relationship than ever. You have chosen to see yourself, give yourself what you need, and awakened the understanding that you can do this for yourself. Have constant awareness to provide yourself with what it is you need.

So what did you learn today? That all the things + feelings that people don't give you, doesn't really matter because you have an entire warehouse fully restocked awaiting for you to start using them. You have everything available at all times. You do not depend on anyone to feel good, to feel love, much less to be happy. Do not rely on the words of attention and much less validation from others. Give yourself, look at yourself, and validate yourself. And when you do such, you'll see how the actions and interactions from others come back as simple exchanges of words. Irrelevant. Whether you "like" them or not.

So now you know, the next time you don't receive something you wished for, expecting, or looking for, find it within you. Go to your self-warehouse, happily grab it and enjoy it! 

xoxo Maria