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Meditation to Heal the Heart

Your only job; to breathe love in and love out. Respect for the simple things, for nature, for your family, for your pets, for anything you feel grateful and blessed for. This will heal you in no time, and only love can heal the heart.

* Before you start this meditation, download this quick road map so you can do if after your meditation when your mind and heart are clear of pollution ;) 
* If you need more clarity, here are a few more maps for your journey.
* And if you need some lovely music for it, here is a Spotify playlist for your soul. 

It's perfectly OK to feel sad, so be kind to yourself. What is not cool is to stay depressed for longer than we need to. Let's do a few things to ease a sad mood, to find peace, understand our lessons, and honor our journey.

Three simple moves that will change your relationships... because self-care = self-love and that goes for your mind, body, and soul. By taking time to meditate and focus on building positive feelings toward yourself, you will have a far more joyful experience for yourself and everyone you connect with. In coming to love yourself, you receive more significant amounts of love from everyone around you.

This meditation is a healthy practice to open your heart and create a higher flow of love in your heart. You might experience lots of emotions, let them out, cry it out, remember the healing is in the feeling. It is said that the seat of the soul is the heart, and when the heart is open, the soul can travel freely.  This meditation opens the heart to love and connects you in a more profound way to your true essence. When these primal sounds are repeated over time as a practice, we are in effect, opening, expanding, and directing the energetic flow of our hearts. 



Music:  Sat Kartar Mantra HERE  (I love this live version)
Time: Practice this meditation for 3, 11, or 31 minutes. 
Mantra: Sat Kartar "Sat” = essence of truth, or being. "Kartar” = Doer, manifesting, the giver.


  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. 
  • Your mantra is Sat Kartar. When you chant ”Sat,” your hands are in prayer pose in front of the body.
  • As you chant ”Kar,” extend your arms out to the sides halfway.
  • When you chant ”Tar,” your hands are fully extended out to the sides, parallel to the floor and fingers pointing up.

End: Rest your hands and relax. 

I hope this finds you well, helps you move and continue going. If you want more meditations, you can find them here,  and if you love what these mantras do for us, you can read more about them here!


P.S: Don't forget to download your road map, and stay comfy and cozy while doing this beautiful practice with this perfect mantra!