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Meditation for Balance

Mantra: Use a mantra that you love or you are familiar with. I love using the Ra, Ma, Da, Sa mantra.
Time:  Practice this meditation for 3, 11, or 31 minutes.
Eyes:  Gently closed.
Breath: Breath slowly and deeply. 

  • Hold your Mala beads with your thumb and your Saturn finger. 
  • Start with the bead that falls right after the guru bead. 
  • Mala beads between your thumb and your Saturn finger.
  • Do not use your Jupiter's finger (it's your first finger, as it represents the self and the ego, and today is not about him).
  • Recite the mantra, "RA," "MA," "DA," "SA," while holding each bead between the thumb and your Saturn finger. You are moving from one bead to the next with each sound. Pull each bead over the fingers with your thumb as you recite the mantra. Once you reach the guru bead, relax.

End: To end, tighten all the muscles of the body. Inhale and hold. Exhale and hold. Relax.


Here are some of my favorite Malas:

DHARMA (Universal truth) Mala

ATMAN (Your soul) Mala

RED LUCK (Prosperity) Mala


INFINITE KNOT (Clarity) Mala

NEUTRAL MIND Mala (ps: you have three minds, read more here).



Feel free to adjust this meditation based on your needs. Harmony can be applied to all aspects of our lives. By using different fingers, you can stimulate specific meridian points to affect different parts of your brain. Make sure you are using the tip of your fingers.

  • Index finger: Wisdom, knowledge, prosperity
  • Middle finger: Patience
  • Ring finger: Health, vitality, strengthen the nervous system
  • Little finger: Communication, intelligence


I hope this finds you well, helps you move and continue going. If you want more meditations, you can find them here, and if you love what these mantras do for us, you can read more about them here! 

P.S: Don't forget to download your road map, and stay comfy and cozy while doing this beautiful practice with this perfect mantra