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Healing Your Chakra System; Soul Workbook

~: Chakra's Soul Workbook

Welcome to the fascinating world of your energy body. This body is built of energy centers known as chakras. Chakras are like flowers; astonishingly complex, living beings that reside within us. Our entire story is written in them— they work as partners; to clear one, we heal the relationship with the others. so we will move through each petal and start unlocking each chakra. by observing, honoring, and releasing all they have stored for us, all we no longer need. For when you find the keys to each of your doors, unimaginable realms of existence unfold. Here’s to your path, dear one, and your unbelievable anatomy!  

✨ 12 months, 52 chapters of Soul Work.
✨ Daily planner.
✨ Energy Work:Unblock a Chakra every month.
✨ 12 guided energy healing meditations: ON DEMAND!

✨ Weekly shadow, oracle, and intuitive work:
✨ You will need Oracle Cards, "I AM" Cards, or any.
Monthly moon work for self-discovery and awareness.
✨ Weekly Reflection: a conclusive practice to gather your previous week's awareness.

✨  Birth: Earth Star Meditation
✨  Strenght: Root Meditation
✨  Ancestors: Meng Mein Meditation 
✨  Fertility: Sacral Meditation
✨  Digestion: Belly button Meditation
✨  Belonging: Solar Plexus Meditation
✨  Body: Tree of Life Meditation
✨  Surrender: Heart Meditation
✨  Communication: Throat Meditation
✨  Purpose: Third Eye Meditation
✨  Inner Knowing: Crown Meditation
✨  Light: Divine Star Meditation

✨ 12-month undated planner + journal.
✨ Wire white (steel).
✨ 5 x 7" (20x15cm).
✨ 550 pages.
✨ Rose gold foil cover.
✨ Soft touch front and back.

> All the inspo HERE
> How this book works HERE
> Get your I AM Cards 

Time to evolve and get to know your soul. Welcome to the fascinating journey of your subtle body. Con todo mi amor,
 from my altar to yours, blessings, ❤️ M.