Opening up Your Chakra System :: 52 Week Journey

Open Planner: 12 Months, 12 Chakras

Welcome to the fascinating world of your subtle body. This body is built of energy centers known as chakras. Chakras are like flowers; astonishingly complex, living beings that reside within us. Our entire story is written in them—They hear and feel all you do, they are here to create for you.

Chakras work as partners; to clear one, we heal the relationship with the others. so we will move through each petal and start unlocking each chakra. by observing, honoring, and releasing all they have stored for us, all we no longer need. For when you find the keys to each of your doors, unimaginable realms of existence unfold. Here’s to your path, dear one, and your unbelievable anatomy!  

* Start whenever this gem falls into your hands
* 12 Months, 12 Chakras, 52 weeks
* 12 Guided Energy Healing Meditations for each Month HERE
* Every Month unblocks a Chakra
* Shadow, intuition, creativity + abundance work
* Full Moon rituals
* You will need a deck of cards, THESE ONES or any!
* Rose foil cover
* 550 pages
* Made in the USA, 
* Designed + written by me

>>> All the inspo HERE
>>> How this book works HERE

Time to evolve and get to know your soul. Welcome to the fascinating journey of your subtle body. Con todo mi amor,
 from my altar to yours, blessings, ❤️ M.

Please note this is a Limited Edition Book. I only print them in November.