Our Magic Journey!

1. We will start together with a private Workshop to prepare you for the work!  
You are now part of this incredible tribe! There are a total of 4 workshops.

2. There are 12 Months in this book = 12 Chakras.
Each month heals, unblocks, opens up a Major Chakra.


3. Every Month holds 4 or 5 Doors to
 focus on and master.


4. Every week, you will dive deep into a Door. 
Heal, and clear everything that is keeping you stuck and blocked here.

5. Each month, I will send you a private Guided Energy Healing Meditation from my guides and I! 
These are Energy Healing Meditations coded to raise the frequency of your energy centers. Since you have moved through, clear, and healed each month, you now get to bring it all together, move through this door, and arrive at a new floor ~ a new vibration.

We will walk for 52 weeks (one full year) together!
Listen to your calling dear one, your presence is now being requested! Remember you will need a deck of cards to use this book! 

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I hope this serves you, all of my love, M