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"I AM" Your Energy Body Spiritual Laundry Oracle Deck

74 Cards for your Spiritual Laundry!
These 74 cards are the reflection of the Universe’s expression. You see, everything the Universe is, you are too. From the most incredibly complex structures to the most beautiful spurts of color — all in one place; you. You are one with the entire Universe; you are one with your soul. And as you start to mingle with this truth, all divisions dissolve; duality is released. 

The Spiritual Laundry cards are based on the 13th Chakra system. Each card has been coded to unlock and wash that energy center/part of you that needs your attention to keep moving. My wish; that you start to embrace this multidimensional being that you are and genuinely love and accept your light because your presence is now being requested. 

✨ 74 cards; based on the 13 Chakra system.
✨ Laminated front + back.
✨ Gold foil box.
✨ More inspiration HERE

Learn more about the 13th Chakra system HERE

From my guides, my journey, and the bottom of my heart to yours, ♥️ Maria.