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My story with flower essence

My story with flower essence is quite romantic. All philosophies talk about having more than one body. Some talk about having ten, some three, some just two. We work with all ten bodies in Kundalini Yoga, we clear them and align them. We strengthen the nervous system to act not to react. 


A few years ago, something was not aligning with me. Something was off, but I could not figure out in which body was the disconnect; my physical body, my auric body, my neutral body, my pranic body, my radiant body, so many bodies! The deeper we get, the more intricate it gets, and as beautiful and fascinating it is to peel our layers, we need to find resources and ways to connect with these disconnections and connect them so we can heal old wounds and keep moving and grooving.


The way I described to make sense of what I was feeling was: It felt like I had a replica of my nervous system but in a subtle way. On an energetic level. I felt this body of mine kick in when my anxiety would kick in as well, firing up old wounded patterns. We might be conscious of where we are, but our bodies are conscious of a completely different story. A story that has been developing and building up since our childhood. So I found essential oils - and doTERRA's vitamins and mix oils started soothing these electrical communications I would feel. That is when I run into Flower Essence. When I did my research, I found out that the Elementals talked about an electrical system and how flowers match this system's vibration, aka spoke this same langue. #jackpot

I found the vibration that was going to help me sooth these kick fire-ups within my body. I had worked with Flower Essence as a child. So I invited them back into my routine once again. I tried different ones. The GHF was by far the highest vibration of them all. So pure, so clean, such a strong message. I started to infuse them with shamanic messages I use to use back in the day when I lived in Colombia and was working with shamans. 


This is what I learned
I learned that they is a layer in your body — what is call it varies on your spiritual practice — that needs to be upgraded as you go through different chapters in your life. As we are continuously growing, shifting, and always evolving, our mind, our emotions, our personality, the way we see life evolve. Your different sublet bodies need to develop, as well. 

You can't like alike in your 30's with a subtle body of when you were 4 years old. It is not serving you, and it is hurting you.

These layers need constant communication, nourishment, affiliations with vibrations that are the same as they are — very high and pure, just like a language. If you don't speak the same language as someone else, it is going to be very hard to find the bathroom in a foreign country. Equal in your body.

Flower essences: Wawa-wiwa, they blew my mind away. Their language, oh my, if their language is so pure and potent. They are committed to their work. To healing you to supporting your path. The combination of The Elementals and my shamanic rituals made these fairies very happy energy beings that worked with my body to untangled energy centers. To release old patterns that my body thought I still needed, but no longer serve me. And it sooth my entire energy grid. 


Why is this important?
Ah, this is the path of intuition and soul communication. If there is dirt, there is no going through. That is how influential these beauties are. They just simply understand our subtle world better than us. They are not wrapped up in the emotions and commotions of our minds and our feelings, and they are way past ,and beyond that. They heal us, when we allow them to do their work. 


This is how Flower Essence changed my self-care routine, deepen my appreciation for nature, and these Elementals (angels and nature fairies that are all around us) finally release what was holding me back for 33 years. The combination of the GHF and my infused energy work will take you for a surprise.


I wish you give these angels a chance. I pray, you embrace them with an open and loving heart. I inspire you to give your body a path that it has been waiting to be on all it's life. I share this essences with you, with they hope they help you understand and evolve your path, just like them help me.


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Blessings, MM