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Magnetic you are



You are magnetic. Giving life to your dreams is easier when you first attract them with your cells, your vibration, your aura, your soul’s guidance. Magnetizing means to consciously gather the energy around you to manifest into physical form. Working with energy means getting quiet, relaxing your body, and inviting your soul to bring images, symbols and pictures (through the form of visualization) of what you want into your mind and body (thoughts and emotions). What you are doing is generating a vibration in you that matches the vibration of what you want to attract.


There are a few important things to have in mind before you magnetize. First, have positive thoughts and feelings. Second, be clear on what inner feeling you want to experience and radiate. Third, ask for what you wish to have or even more. Expand, dream big, and do it with grace. Fourth, intend to have what you are asking for. Fifth, believe that what you are asking for is possible to have and that you are worthy of receiving it. Six, feel the gratitude of receiving and feeling heard, loved, and supported by your soul and the universe. Seven, don’t attach it to any results and be open for it to come in any way, shape, or form. Trust that it will come in the best way possible for you and those around you. 


You must experience this vibration and feel very comfortable in it. This means feeling worthy of receiving it, believing you deserve it and feeling excited about it. You work with magnetic energy all the time — you might not be fully aware of it, but you do. Trust your magic! There is no rush to magnetize. Enjoy the ride and the experience of your energy.




1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax. 


2. Feel a small ball of white light at your navel point that’s spinning clockwise (2” above your belly button). From this ball, see a cord coming out from your body, outward and above. It starts creating a coil, like loops that go around and around. Feel how this cord feels magnetic. Expand your rings as far as you need to. Play with different cord sizes and the amount of energy inside that’s necessary to bring in what you want. You will know when it feels right. 


3. Your coil will connect with your desire. Visualize what you want. Feel it. Be very clear about all the details, functions, and inner needs. Get in the dream and make the picture as real as possible. Imagine all the events, the feelings, and the outcomes!


4. Once you are ready to bring this vibration to match yours and connect with your aura, gently gather the energy of your desire. Slowly, through the same coil, bring this energy back toward your body. Feel when it arrives at your navel point and spreads all over your body, inside and out. Feel the chills and all the sensations in every cell of your body.


5. Continue until it feels complete. Stop here. Gently take an inhale and ask your soul how often you should do this visualization. Trust what you hear. Stretch your body, drink water, and relax. Your coil will change every time you magnetize something different. Start by magnetizing small objects, then move to more significant projects. Remember to hold positive thoughts and emotions about your dreams and have a beautiful level of detachment about receiving them in a certain way — surrender to knowing that what comes is exactly what you need.