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The Power of Being a Woman Workbook Vol.1: "The Highest Vibration on Earth"

~: Vol1. Workbook

THE POWER OF BEING A WOMAN: VOL.1: The highest vibration on Earth.

Remember why you choseto be a woman in this lifetime. Why you said yes to holding the highest vibration on Earth, and how to embody the spirit of grace — for you are the axis of creation itself. The power of being a woman is a healing journey created to awaken your feminine powers.

Grab your book every Sunday morning, drop into a ritual, or once a week and focus on one chapter a week for the next 4 months. Visit "OUR TEMPLE" and listen to our monthly meditations! These are healing journeys to support your work. Time will fly and you will love who you will become. A mix of shadow work, journaling, intuitive oracle work, moon work, and healing visual meditations.  ✨  You will need Oracle Cards, "I AM" Cards, or any.

Unlimited access to the entire SL Membership for 4 months.
✨ 4 months open daily planner.
✨ Weekly soul work and shadow work: 20 chapters.
✨ 4 Oracle Healing Sessions: Click HERE to access.

✨ Moon work + healing meditations.
✨ Weekly Reflection: Your lessons, patterns, powers, healing, and release.

✨ Your Roots: Your Universe.
✨ Your Power: Your Physiology.
✨ Your Nature: Your Balance.
✨ Your Beauty: Your Radiance.

✨ DNA.
✨ Hormones.
✨ Skin.

✨ 4-month open planner/soul workbook.

✨ Perfect binding.
✨ 8 x 6" (20x15cm).
✨ 148 pages.
✨ Soft touch front and back.

Invite yourfriends, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a neighbor, a teacher, or someone in need of magic, hope, or faith to this incredible 4-month sacred journey.  

All of my love, my light, and my joy,
Blessings, 💜 Maria.