The Power Of Being A Woman: A 4-Month Healing Journey


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✨ 4 Month journey book + virtual classes.
✨ 20-weeks, 175 pages Soul Work Book.
✨ 4 Ancient Kundalini Yoga Rebirthing Class.
✨ 4 Meditation to open up the female channels.
✨ 4 Akashic distance energy healing sessions.
✨ 4 Healing Meditation + oracle card sessions.
✨ Access to all sessions recorded from any device 24/7
✨ THE MOST BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY you could offer to your heart + your feminine energy.

✨ Subconscious shadow work for the mind + heart psyche.
✨ Ancient Yogic Rebirthing Kriyas for the female body + energy field.
✨ Meditation technology to open up the female channels: mantras + mudras.
✨ Energy work + Akashic work to clear karma + past lives.
✨ Hypnotherapy for beliefs, sensations, emotions, and memory.
✨ Monthly Full Moon and New Moon work

✨ Oracle card work.
✨ An epic tribe, a community to hold you. 

Letsgo! Invite your friends, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a neighbor, a teacher, or someone in need of magic, hope, or faith. Invite all the women in your life to this incredible 4-Month Sacred Retreat.  

If you meet your COUNCIL; YOU will work with THEM throughout these 4 months. They have so much to SAY. You will meet them in their temples and take their medicine... the year of your power within. 


All of my love, my light, and my joy,
Blessings, 💜 Maria.

EVERY SINGLE WOMAN deserves this healing! IT'S FREE, 15 MINS, click here and meet your COUNCIL if you haven't yet!

It is time. Especially if it's making you nervous ;) Listen to that fire of yours; it is igniting for a reason! Plus, you are not alone; we are holding you!