Spiritual Laundry Workbook

The beginning of a new era

If you are here, you are probably searching. If you are searching, you are ready for something deeper; let’s do some Spiritual Laundry! This book is a reflection of all the tools and teachings that I’ve gathered, practice, and use daily. During these next 52 weeks, you will work on one chapter per week, to reveal a different spiritual tool. As each week goes by, you’ll start to peel off the human layers that blind us and awaken your consciousness. Each week builds upon the previous one as you re-birth yourself into truth. 

By picking up this book, you are signaling the Universe that you are ready to shift, find your voice, your purpose, and your gifts. The Universe loves when we are committed! Experience you, connect with your soul, her inner guidance, and get to know your internal GPS. You can relax now you don’t have to do it all on your own. You have a team — and it’s out of this world, literally!

The Aquarian Age is here, and your soul excitedly awaits for you to dial in. I am so honored you are here with me and I welcome you to this beautiful healing practice. 

~ 52 chapters. 500 pages.
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From my altar to yours, ❤️ M.