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"Mindbody" Your Physical Body Spiritual Laundry Oracle Deck

✨SL Member?: Yes

Dear one, you have a body, and your body has a mind. Your mind is this epic electric energy, vibrating in, out, and all around you, writing and imprinting in your body everything you once were, who you are today, and who you wish to become. Your body is your mind's home. This relationship is your human experience coexisting as one: mindbody. 

So what if your mind had a trusted friend to seek advice from and discovered a far more beautiful way to keep you safe? Who would you be then? I am here to seduce your mind into knowing it no longer has to do everything on its own. It does a remarkable job, but no more living under pressure through the unknown and making decisions alone. Time for your mind to have a trusted friend. So when it seeks, it knows where to find love, support, and, above all, the answers it's looking for; for everything you live is experienced within — even your conversations with me.


2 Oracle Decks in one:1: "Mindbody" Deck 2. "Shadow Work" Deck.
✨ 98 cards.
✨ Energetic Attunement card.
✨ 3 portal cards to move you into the 9th Dimension.
✨ 5 energetic clearing sessions.
✨ Laminated front + back.
✨ Gloss box.
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CARDS: Time. DNA. Hair. Skin. Bones. CCallosum. Brain. Neurons. Nerves. VagusN. ConTissue. Hypothalamus. PinealG. PituG. Eyes. Nose. Ears. Jaw. Mouth. Teeth. Tongue. Neck. LympthNoodes. Throat. Larynx. Thrachea. Thyroid. Hormones. Thymus. Spine. Shoulders. Arms. Muscles. ArmPits. Elbows. Writst. Hands. Palms. Winkles. Fingers. Joints. Pores. Heart. Blood. Veins. Arteries. Breasts. Thorax. Fascia. Ribs. Lungs. Bronchi. MucMembrane. Stomach. Pancreas. Liver. GallBladder. Spleen. LymphSystem. Diaphram. BellyButton. SmInstesine. Appendix. LargeIntestine.  AdrenalGlands. Kidnes. Fluids. Bladder. Ovaries. Uterus. Feminine. Sperm. Masculine. Hips. TailBone. GluteusMax. Legs. Knees. Ankles. Tendons. Ligaments. Feet. Toes. Nails. Space. Love.

From my guides, my journey, and the bottom of my heart to yours,❤️ Maria.  


*** If you are a Doula or work with women in the fertility, pregnancy, or post-care, please message me after purchasing these cards by clicking here; I would like to share something with you about these cards and your service :).