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Manifesting & Meditation Soul Workbook + Healing Meditations

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Busy is not your purpose. Love is. Creation is. Joy is.
Here’s to the most beautiful next 12 months.

This planner is a spiritual journey into manifesting! ☄️ To manifest, we must allow the energy to come down through us and materialize — clearing and cleaning any blockage in your system that does not let it do so.

My intention is for you to see the next 12 months from a different perspective — from within. Because abundance is an inner flow. It starts with you. You are the source of your abundance. You. Your connection, your light, your clarity, your goals, your projection, your relationships, your inner needs. You are a beautiful matrix designed to create whatever it is you are being called to manifest.

Time is the experience of evolution; welcome to a fascinating journey! Con todo mi amor, from my altar to yours, ♥️ Maria



  • Open 12 Month + 52 week view
  • Start whenever this gem falls into your hands
  • Energy medicine tools + Yogic teachings to align with creation + abundance
  • Monthly meditations + energy ceremonies + self-discovery pages for personal development, intuition, + abundance
  • Daily gratitude + habit trackers + moon intentions
  • Gold foil cover
  • Wire-O bound, white (steel) ~ 350 pages
  • Made in the USA


  • For a peaceful mind
  • To strengthen your aura
  • For clarity
  • To become intuitive
  • To align with your soul
  • For balance
  • Prosperity mudra + mantra

    Time to evolve and manifest with awareness. Welcome to the fascinating world of meditation for co-creation. Con todo mi amor, from my altar to yours, ♥️ Maria

    Please note this is a Limited Edition Book. I only print them in November.