Who am I?

Spiritual simply means something non-material. Therefore, something that is not governed, is not subject to the laws of matter.

Is the recognition of something greater than my body, beyond all I can see.
Is there something more beyond this human experience, and can I recognize?

To know who you are, you need to experience it ~ the only way out is through.
No one can take away from you what you encounter on a cellular level.
This message is so powerful it opens you up to the awareness of the spirit. 

Because life is not just about physical comfort, competition, business, and social life. It also consists of seeking our true nature, becoming aware of our soul, and achieving union with our higher self, with our purpose on Earth. It is recognizing and remembering a greater whole which we are part of by divine nature. Feeling our connection to this universal force, which is the source of all life, gives us a sense of peace, trust, support, and self-fulfillment. Spirituality, simplifieswho we are, connecting us with the parts that need to move, shift, release, or readjust in order to find stillness + love.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi


We start by giving ourselves a few pockets in time to search within + meditate. We welcome spirituality into our lives by doing some "spiritual work." It's not hard, it just takes commitment. And we love to hate commitment!

This is when we tend to get scared and jump off the train. In fact, our entire life is a spiritual session; there is truly never a "jumping off" situation. It's more like a "placing on hold" action. Truth is, we can't run away from what we came to learn here on Earth. But nothing, nothing you are not ready to see, feel, or know will not be revealed to you. It's that beautiful, and the more open we are to observing our path, the more beautiful it becomes.

Ever wonder why they call it "spiritual work?" Because your presence + awareness is being requested. Only you can do the work of simplifying and connecting in order to move. Only you can show up for you, good news, I can keep company and walk with you!


Meditation is a practice that serves to relax the mind, in order to experience a connection with higher levels of consciousness. Stillness is a stepping stone to this experience, that most people are unaware of.

Meditation is the technology of reaching a connection with our soul and lowering this divine energy into our system. The overall effect is clarity of mind, calmer emotions, more control over life, and intuition. I call intuition your internal GPD, known as the inner guide when we hear the whisper of the soul, guiding them through it all.

There are many types of meditations with different purposes to simply achieve stillness and activation of your Kundalini energy, and union with your soul. Whatever the form of meditation that is practiced, it is important to do it regularly to see how your life acquires an the essence of spirituality. Don't just take my word for it, join me for one of my monthly meditation class and experience you.

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Interested, let's chat. Send me a message, ask me all the questions, let's see what a soul healing session could mean for you. Love, m

"My truth is in my heart. And my heart is in my hands." ~ MariaAn