The Medicine of the Future

First things first; you are more than just matter, and science agrees. You are more than a physical body moving through life, feeling all the feelings. Your mind, body, and soul, and all the structures that make you, you, are electrochemical signals. You are energy. Energy is alive, aware, it has it's own Consciousness. When we work with energy, we are working with the energy's Consciousness.



Energy healing:
1) For anything to exist in life it must have prana, chi, or life energy ~ this includes, thoughts + feelings.
2) It is not supernatural, it is based on the universal law of self-recovering.
3) It works with your energy body, so it can support your physical one.

When we work with your energy body, your physical body shifts because the two bodies (physical and energetic) are intertwined. If one heals, the other will also heal. Heal? Healing is coming back to a state of homeostasis. Balance and peace in all areas of your life; physically, mentally and emotional. That's our goal. Homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions. When we encounter pain, annoyingness, feelings like anger or deep sadness, frustration, you name it... why not speak to these things in the same language they were written. Why not talk to energy with energy?  


Energy healing is an experience. The healing is in the feeling. Experiencing your energy body starts to get you a clear understanding of your multidimensional being. We want to know our multidimensionality because it's the only way to understand that we are not alone. Yes, we weren't sent here to Earth entirely by ourselves. Are you kidding me? And even though your energy body and your multidimensional being might not be visible, you are continually working and witnessing it. Your habits, mental patterns, negativity, reactions, hopes + dreams are all here. Since they are all energy, and they are all connected; they can all be healed.

When we begin to pay attention to how our thoughts and words affect our energy, we recognize how it affects every corner of our life. And when we understand that our energy is the source of a good day, creativity, a quiet mind, peace, and a full heart, we come full circle into admitting we are in full command. This is taking your power back. Don't just take my word, experience you.