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My story used to be one of self-doubt and avoiding vulnerability at all costs. When I left my successful corporate career to work on my art, the lessons became real. Owning my work as an artist and accepting it as a reflection of my inner world was something I was not comfortable with.

Through this intricate relationship between my mind and my calling, I understood that I was being inspired to create what the world needs, regardless of my opinion, the political wave, or the trend of the day. I dived deep and started to wash away what no longer served me. I started doing some serious Spiritual Laundry to refresh, heal, shift, and be still. I never thought I would love doing laundry so much! I learned that conflict arose when the messages that were coming through and I were not in alignment — I had to continually remind myself; surrender to the flow, and then surrender some more. The more I searched within, the more comfortable I got with my work and exposing the reflection of my inner world. Pretending to be someone I was not, setting excuses, or avoiding my truth was not serving anyone. Acceptance, courage, and trust was the only way I found freedom with my work and my inner world.

Our vibration is so unique, it’s meant to create for a reason; creativity is our DNA. Everything we do is to create. It is my wish to empower your creative mind to find freedom in authenticity. So you can feel the radiance that is pouring down through us and behold the rainbow of light that we are.

How to use this book?

* There are 52 chapters for 52 weeks for a year with 365 days.

* Leave this book on your nightstand or altar.

* Start at the beginning, and work on one chapter each week.

* Use the mantras and essential oils for each month.

Commit to YOU. Commit to your practice, this is your time.

oils + mantras