Releasing Self-Judgment: Soul Work

Coming back to SELF-LOVE:
Love is what relaxes us; love is what makes this journey worth all the ups and downs; love is real and is the only truth we need to come back to. To be the masters of our journey, we must commit to unconditional self-love.

Words have a very powerful effect on the relationship with ourselves. Our negative mind loves to be sneaky and play with words that will turn our passion into conditional love. The key to transforming negative words into positive ones is through unconditional self-love. 

Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac. The sign of the crab reminds us that the wisdom of our hearts is far more potent than any games of the ego. Cancer is connected to the fourth house of home, family, and foundations. As one of the three water signs, the zodiac's Crab is responsible for hydrating our "root systems."

Release judgment:
We will burn from the roots up; limiting beliefs from the heart. 

1. This week, while you brush your teeth, walk by a mirror, pick 10 mins in the am; stand in front of the mirror. Look at you, through your eyes, and just listen...listen to all the things your mind will starts to chat about, all the words it uses, and all the self-judgment that comes up.

* Which judgment seems to be the loudest?
* Is this judgment learned from someone else?
* Can you remember when you picked it up, and from whom?
* Have you projected this judgment onto someone else?
* Are you ready to let this go once and for all?

2. This is an attachment that is blocking your self-love. Close your eyes and come to terms with yourself. This judgment is in you because you have agreed to go along with it. It means nothing, just words. It is not who you are. It is not a part of your soul.

As you look at yourself in the mirror, and hear your judgment re-pattern this limiting belief:
" I now release [...the judgment/thought...] back to where it belongs."
" I now choose [...what is truth?], I now am [...what is truth?]." Breath + smile.

Feel the shift, say it until you believe it! Say it with conviction, with intention! That is why we look at ourselves right into our eyes. Soul work is simple, the hard part is to believe that "powerful" is who you are, and this power comes effortless when you remember. 

Commit to you, see if you can look at yourself in the mirror, just the two of you for more than 5 minutes! Self love dear one, it starts with wanting to see yourself. 

3. If you like writing,download this road map, release and fill up with gratitude.
4. And before you go to bed tonight, or any night this week, listen to this meditation to Release Self Judgment. 

Enjoy so much! I hope this serves your path. All of my love, m