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Recommended Books!

Books that changed my life! Read. Read as much as you can. Get lost in what others have seen, learned and downloaded for us. All my love, m

To ground (Root chakra)
Molecules of Emotion - Dr. Candace Pert
Breaking the habit of being you - Joe Dispenza


To manifest (Sacral charka)
The Abundance Book- Randolph Price
The Desire Factor- Christy Whitman


For creativity
The five levels of attachment - Don Miguel Ruiz
The Power Is Within You - Louise Hay
Trust your vibes - Sonia choquette


Inner Child + Solar Chakra
The Untethered Soul - Singer
Judgement Detox - Gabby Bernstein
Fear - Thich Nhat Han 
It Didn't Start with You - Mark Wolynn 


LOVE! (Heart chakra)
The Mastery of Love - Don Miguel Ruiz
A return to love- Marianne Williamson


To speak your truth (Throat chakra)
How to communicate like a Buddhist - Cynthia Kane
How to listen with intention- Patrick King


Intuition (Third Eye)
Spiritual Growth- Sanaya Roman
The Magic Path of Intuition - Florence Scovel Shinn


Power vs Force - David Hawkins
Meet your Soul- Elisa Romeo
Wheels of Life - Anodea Juith


Spirit Babies :)
BabyWise- Robert Bucknam
What all spirit babies want their mamas to know - Kate street
Spirit babies - Walter McKitchen