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:: Alchemy Healing Classes ::

Designed for soul searchers who are serious about raising their vibration and taking their gifts
to a whole new different level ~because F* normal, there is no time to waist, let's play with magic!

:: OUR NEXT ALCHEMY CLASS: we are going virtual! ::


A new truth has surfaced; Soul-Worth.
Any doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence, feeling less than or desire to please others in order to feel love or safety
is called living in a state of unworthiness.

Unworthiness; is the most painful, draining misconception of them all. It is based on an ancient fear-based belief system.
Truth is; it is a very simple concept, and I will teach you truth. It is a Spiritual Redirection. A message from your guides.
Anything else is a complication of your mind for fear.

Fear of? We will find out.

Why? That too. 

Finding Self-Worth is an act of Spiritual Redirection. 

But first, you must break through this illusion; that you are not worthy of one more chance. 

We will work with all the tools, all of them, because I mean business with this subject. It is one I take very seriously, for it holds great depth within me. Unworthiness holds a big part of our souls; it's tremendously damaging and dims our light. It is a serious dis-ease, and you need to make sure you heal this part of you for your projects, your services, and your children. 

It is awful to feel unworthy, not true, but oh so real when you are in it. I Know. 

I also know YOU CAN FREE YOURSELF FROM THIS PRISON. If I did it, trust me, you can too! Time for power, dear one.

Within you will go. This class is no joke. Holly guac. Its vibration is pure Source; you must remember your truth.
Your healing starts the moment you sign up.

* No experience needed. All are welcome.

I hope you join me, and the tribe a tribe that has been doing some serious work to heal from within.
This master class is all I ever searched for. And now, it is my honor to give you all that healed my sense of unworthiness, my people pleasing and
my codependency for love all in one place, one class, one Alchemy. From my lil one and my heart to yours, ❤️ Maria