2.2 Eye, The Self Healing Master Class

Hi! Welcome to this epic healing journey!

I am so excited for our next 7 weeks together! Here are a few things before we start:

1. You will find everything here, save this link or bookmark it!

2. We will be working with a workbook every week. You can 1) Print it and work on it. 2) You can work on it directly on your computer, or 3) you can get a brand new notebook for this class and write on that one!

3. If you have any questions, please always reach out, I am right HERE

4. Healing starts the moment you sign up. Know your soul wanted you here and you listened... and so open up to receive a miracle, know you are always taken care of and enjoy this ride with this epic tribe! 

Let's go! Maria




* Work Book: HERE


Hi! What a class! Below you can find the videos + links. If you can, I recommend you rewatch our class sometime this week! You will understand more things, and a deeper sense for this clearing. Ladies, lots of water, the shift was real. Sending you all of my love! m 

For this class you will need: ENVELOP #1

* Work Book: HERE
* Class Recording: HERE
* I Am Whole Meditation: HERE
* Grounding MeditationHERE
* Your question for this week:  Am I seeing that through my Ego, or through my Soul?

Supporting books:
* Breaking the Habit of being You * Joe Dispenza
* Journey of souls  * Michel Newton




Hi! Thank you for a beautiful class full of light. It was truly an honor to see your light. And so empowering that you shared it with us. We saw you, and you saw us, and it takes a lot of courage to be seen in your purest light/form, vulnerable but strong! What a moment, thank you! All the things here, also, Bea, I missed your question on the chat, so here is the answer: 

Q: Why are your triggers a gift?

A: Your triggers are gifts because they show you what you don’t want anymore. (To feel small, not speak up, feel less than... noticing these, is the gift of knowing what it is you need to heal). 

You went through these inner child experiences, so you can learn to say no more of that. You have been replaying these lessons over and over lifetimes. The way to stop and heal these are by empowering your power, which means choosing a different belief! One YOU choose for you.

So every time you are triggered, you have a chance to react differently. To re-write your belief system by telling your inner child, "You are safe, or light, or seen, what ever it is she needs, I got you." Adult you! These are your master lessons. And for that, we feel grateful for this opportunity to evolve. I hope helpful <3 

Now that you know you are not broken, let's meet your joy!

* Work Book: HERE
* Class Recording: HERE
* I Honor My Inner Child Meditation: HERE

* Your question for this week:  When you find yourself triggered, ask your lil one: "What do you need from me? How can I help? What can I do?" This gets you out of the Hypnos Cave!

Supporting books:
* It didn't start with you * Mark Wolynn



Hi! How was it defining you? Be gently with yourself, we are moving a lot of parts and pieces at the same time! So yes, lots is coming up! Observe, observe observe! And say..."uhm, that is interesting" that way we don't attach and that energy can keep moving, and we can keep releasing and healing! Now that you have meet your past, let's own your present.

For this class you will need: ENVELOP #2

* Work Book:  HERE
* Class Recording:  HERE
I Am Who I Am Meditation: HERE





Hi! How is it accepting your yin and your yang? Accepting all of you? Now that you have accepted you, how do you want to express this?

* Work Book:  HERE
* Class Recording:  HERE
I Speak Love Meditation: HERE
* Love Language QUIZ: HERE

* The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman





Now that you have a voice? Can you honor your needs?

* Work Book:  HERE
* Class Recording:  HERE
I Now See Truth Meditation: HERE

Long Distance Energy Healing Session.
After our class, on Thursday March 3rd, we will gather for an energy healing session to heal and release approval addiction from our energy field. This is an optional offering.

WHEN: Thursday, March 3rd
TIME:  8:30 am Pacific Time
Via:  No need for zoom or to connect in any way. At this time, lay down in a comfy spot. It can be your bed if you are just waking up, or it can be outside, wherever feels good to you. Relax, open up to receive and release. That is it! Play some soft music if you wish too.

~ If you can’t make it at this time DO NOT WORRY! 
We all have something called an energy bank. This healing will be stored in your bank until your body is ready to receive it. You can choose to receive this when you go to sleep. Your soul knows what to do, you are part of the collective consciousness of this healing. Wake up gently the next day, pay attention to any dreams, thoughts, feelings first thing in the morning.

~ If you are watching the recordings:
Do not worry either you did not miss out. After you watch the class, give yourself a day and find a moment to receive this healing, if you wish to do so!

~ Music to play during this healing if you want some :)  






Hi! How is the respecting yourself method going for you? Are you finding ways to start respecting yourself in a loving gently way? This is what we call honoring our needs. Now that you are doing so, are you up for co-creating with your soul? Service here we come!

For this class you will need: ENVELOP #3

* Work Book:  HERE
* Class Recording:  HERE
* We are One Meditation: HERE





I say yes to my life. Yes I can with what is mine. I no longer need to endure, I now overcome. I take responsibility for my lessons and my success; my destiny. Yes I now can. My adult self, can and dares!

* Class Recording:HERE





Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope these sessions served you, I dream they healed you, and I pray they brought joy into your Soul.

If you have 4 minutes, I would love to hear your thoughts, how your experience was, and any thoughts you might want to share with others during our healing journey!

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Until next time angels, blessings, Maria