2.2 Alchemy


✺ Understand unworthiness from a Spiritual perspective.
✺ Unveil your subconscious choice for this pattern.
✺ Heal and re-write your story in your Mind, Body & Heart, through EM~POWERMENT.


✺ That you have the courage to give your Inner Child; this healing 
✺  Your Projects; the power, vision and love they yearn, and 
✺  Your Soul; the chance to be her most Authentic Self.


There are 7 levels you will go through during this journey to unveil truth.


MANIFEST: What is Soul-Worth? and how to get yourself out of your Unworthiness-black-hole.
  • Understand why this lack mentality was rooted in you.
  • Unveil your subconscious choice for this pattern.
  • Why it's easier to tell yourself "you are not worthy", than to revive this memory.
  • Practice: Mirror and rooting work. How to stay in your body.
    LEVEL 2 
    YOUR EGO: The purpose for this shitty feeling in your gut.
    • Your Yin and yang ego.
    • Restore your "comparison" mode with the whole wide world.
    • Amend self-judgment.
    • Practice: Vagus nerve and inner child work.
      LEVEL 3 
      YOUR POWER: Why is it so hard to shake it off? ...and keep the feeling of empowerment lasting more than 1 day?
      • Amend people pleasing.
      • Heal your insecurities. Power comes from em-power, from within.
      • Triggers and how to stop this waste of energy and time.
      • Boundaries that work.
      • Practice: Ear seeds for inner child work.
        LEVEL 4 
        THE ASTRAL PLANE: The real blockage. Re-hydrating your entire multidimensional Self.
        • Why self-compassion?
        • Amend the relationship with mom and dad.
        • Restore the memory of belonging in your cells.
        • Practice: Heart opening energy work with your thymus gland.
          LEVEL 5 
          THE SECRET THAT CHANGED IT ALL FOR ME: I am sorry to break it to you; this addiction ends here… it's ruining, I mean running, your life and bank account.
            • Self-respect.
            • Your throat & words.
            • Unveil how to trust yourself.
            • Practice: Buddhist work.
          LEVEL 6 
          SOUL-WORTH: Why you are ready to heal this today and not last year, nor next; today.
          • A new level of truth: soul-worth.
          • How to help others with unworthiness vibrations.
          • Restoring your faith.

            LEVEL 7 
            YOUR ANCESTORS: Releasing all that is not yours. Whether you know you have it or not.
            • Ancestors Family Constellation Energy Work: full session.
              BONUS :
              ✺ : 1:1 Energy healing session with me to clear addictions, parasites, low entities and chips. Via Zoom, you can schedule this session any time during our 7 weeks together, or do so now with my calendar below! - M