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Happy November!

I though I would drop a lil energy forecast for our month of November!
It's nice to know what we are about to walk into, specially during the holidays!

This month is really special. It will inspire you to connect more deeply with your soul path - with the wisdom that lives inside of you. It is an incredible month of a gradual shift. There will be challenges, but more at ease. The energy will not be forceful; it will not push you into drastic change but gently invite you to dive deep into new possibilities. Stay present and alert; gentle doesn't equal chillax! It means subtle but powerful. Think of it as sand underneath the ocean; it can move you fast or sink your feet; it is gentle but powerful.

From a practical, human perspective/the mind - it will be a month where you will get to see who you are externally and internally. With others and yourself, and are these in coherence? Do you say yes when you meant to say no? Pay attention to these little discrepancies, for they build your world.

From a spiritual perspective - this is a month to develop a stronger connection with your soul's relationship. Not that every month isn't, but this month is exciting! Why? Because you will be shown your shadow side pretty clear. And when you get to see this side, with this much light, you get to be really honest with yourself, and choose who you wish to be moving forward. Once things have been seen there is no going back. That is all they need; light. This month's energetic goal will guide you to accept these parts of you, honor them, and release them.

On both ends, human and spirit, you are being shown contrast. This is the contrast that will conceive new possibilities.

How comfortable would I feel in the new?
Who would I be if I considered doing that one thing?
What would the new look like?
How much trust can I surrender to my light/my higher Self?
What can I do to surrender a bit more?

The energy this month is a deep, emerald green. It is dense but powerful, expansive, and very healing. If you find yourself in its density, surrender; let its healing force show you truth. Let it guide you through all you will touch, say and do, move with it so that you can move with the cosmic energy, accept where you stand, flow, and surrender into all the new that it is to come for you. This is why our:

OurNovember Monthly Energy Healing will be on the Emotional Body!

We will heal and focus on: Accepting what is.

Have a beautiful November angels. If I see you for our Holiday Retreat, I can't wait to heal together, otherwise here for you, always, all my love, m