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The Power Of Being A Woman: A 4-Month Healing Journey

Every year I create a Spiritual Laundry Workbook. This upcoming year's book 2023, comes with a lil journey!!!

What about this lil journey?
SL Workbook journeys devote to understanding the power of your female energy.

✨ 4 Month journey!
✨ 20-weeks, 175 pages Soul Work Book.
✨ You will work on one Chapter a week, Sunday Laundry baby.
✨ 1 Ancient Kundalini Yoga Rebirthing Class a Month.
✨ 1 Meditation to open up the female channels a Month
✨ 1 Akashic distance energy healing sessions with Maria a Month
✨ 1 Healing Meditation + oracle card session a Month.
✨  THE MOST BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY you could offer to your heart + your feminine energy.

I will show you the path, back to your Roots; Your connection to Source
I will guide you to strengthen your Blood; Your Lineage
I will remind you of your Nature; Your Cycles
And you will recognize your Beauty: Your Radiance

We will remember, as a collective, why we chose to be a woman in this lifetime. Why we said yes to holding the highest vibration on Earth, and how to embody the spirit of grace — for you are the axis of creation itself.

✨ A 20-Week Spiritual Workbook to move you through this experiential journey.
✨ Subconscious shadow work for the mind + heart psyche.
✨ Ancient Yogic Rebirthing Kriyas for the female body + energy field.
✨ Meditation technology to open up the female channels: mantras + mudras.
✨ Energy work + Akashic work to clear karma + past lives.
✨ Hypnotherapy for beliefs, sensations, emotions, and memory.
✨ Monthly Full Moon and New Moon work

✨ Oracle card work.
✨ An epic tribe, a community to hold you. 


All of my love, my light, and my joy,
Blessings, 💜 Maria.