The Shift: Re-aligning your Craft with your Soul's path: Re-brand 🪄

Have a project, brand, craft or service but it's feeling off, and is in some serious need of love + good vibes?

Your vibration has changed. Your intentions and everything that is being poured through you to create is different now, and your current craft might be feeling kinda blah! The shift is in the re-alignment, known as re-branding.

When we grow and level up, our work/product/service needs to do so as well; so it can reflect, communicate and continue to serve in alignment with our Soul. But we have never been taught this and our work starts to feel blah and we lose interest. Re-align your brand with your new vibration; re-brand. It all starts within ~ re-member dear one. 


6 private healing sessions. We will meet every 2 or 3 weeks, to realign you with the purpose and future of your craft. So you can both complement each other as you both evolve. I will give you weekly soul homework in between sessions and a 40 day meditation to open your heart and connect it to your roots so you can manifest with intention. 

Creatives are being called, because your vibrations is so unique. You are meant to create for a reason, creativity is your DNA! Everything we do is to create, and it is my wish to empower your creative mind to find freedom an authenticity like I did - because when I found this path, I understood the importance of my art.

Send me a message if you have any questions, happy to talk about what this could mean for you. Sending you all my love, m