The Artist: Heal your creative mind and your 💜

Are you a creative mind and keep holding yourself back? 

Being an artist is not an easy ride. We are sensitive to things most people aren't. We are here to express what the world fears to share. And yet, in the midst of our sensitivity we must surrender to all of our doubts, lack of self-worth, childhood pain, an incredible void with the financial world, never ending mental loops of judgment for our work and somehow understand that everything we are being called to created is medicine for the world. So, if you are going to listen to your calling, let's do so with a clean full heart and a peaceful mind. So all you will build will be done with consciousness - whether you see it or not, I will show it to you.

...and by artist I don't mean only if you paint, draw or sing... anyone with an idea, a vision, a desire to create anything, a business owner is an artist!


6 private healing sessions.We will meet every 2 or 3 weeks, to heal your creative mind, and the heart of your art. I will give you weekly soul homework in between sessions and a 40 day meditation to open your third eye and clear your intuition. After all, art is the voice of your Soul.

During this journey, you will understand your why, the roots for your self-sabotage, and why it is time to heal and create once and for all.

Creatives are being called, because your vibrations is so unique. You are meant to create for a reason, creativity is your DNA! Everything we do is to create, and it is my wish to empower your creative mind to find freedom an authenticity like I did - because when I found this path, I understood the importance of my art.


Send me a message if you have any questions, happy to talk about what this could mean for you. Sending you all my love, m