Energy Protection Workshop

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Why do we protect our energy?

What are we protecting ourselves from?

What if we didn't hold this awareness??

This class is a self-discovery journey.

Energy protection is more than feeling drained after talking to someone or feeling weird walking into a store. There is another level of consciousness here. One that is inviting you to walk into a self-reflection and introspection path, allowing you to evolve and go deeper into your Self's awakening.

Energy protection is getting to know yourself. It is the knowledge/experience of energy tools that help us navigate safely and in alignment as we develop and grow. It's the realization that you are walking through the doors of a wider consciousness. You understand, know, feel, and see things a bit differently.

Join me, you will learn new ways of seeing the world and a lot of tools to play with by the end of this class. It is time for you to get to know your other half (your subtle bodies), befriend them, and start working with them as we are being presented to interact with a world beyond ours. Welcome this new level of consciousness into your life. So excited to offer you this; see you in class! xx, m

~ What is energy protection
~ What are we protecting ourselves from?
~ Your aura +
 4 energy bodies
~ Closing your aura
~ Strengthening your aura (avoid energy vampires)
~ Protecting your aura (auric shields)
~ Protection tools
~ Using crystals for protection
~ How to protect your home/spaces
~ Mantras for protection


~ You are feeling shifts, a strong awakening/spiritual growth very rapidly, feel a bit nervous but want to embrace it all.

You are an empath. Absorb everyone's feelings, process for them, and feel drained by the end of the day. Highly sensitive hearts, the world feels VERY heavy right now.

You learned/offer Reiki and wish to deepen your knowledge + practice into the art of healing with energy.

If you have kids and wish to learn/teach them protection tools to implement in school + during sleep.

You have been looking for an energy healing class or teacher/not sure why, when, or how but you are being called to learn more about energy.

 You are looking for a group of conscious, heart center women available to support you and your journey.


Please reach out if you have any questions. See you in class, Maria ❤️ 

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