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The Project: Raise your vibration to match your vision 👁

Excited about a project but not sure where, how or when to start?

Your business is a living being made of energy, and when it feels off, or you feel unmotivated, uninterested, and blahhh... it is because your energy and the energy of your project are not a matching.

You see, your visions are the way your Soul speaks to you. Therefore, they are very high vibrational. To match this vibration, we must release any blockages you or your craft might have. And by blockages, I mean: fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, energy parasites, curses, cords... you name it! So when we clear, we allow ourselves to vibrate as high as our visions, making both of you a match!


6 private healing sessions. We will meet every 2 or 3 weeks, to start your craft/project/idea or service with a clear vibration, aligned it with your vision, and connect all who you are meant to serve. I will give you weekly soul homework in between sessions and a 40 day meditation to open your heart and connect it to your roots so you can manifest with intention. 

Creatives are being called, because your vibrations is so unique. You are meant to create for a reason, creativity is your DNA! Everything we do is to create, and it is my wish to empower your creative mind to find freedom an authenticity like I did - because when I found this path, I understood the importance of my art.


Send me a message if you have any questions, happy to talk about what this could mean for you. So excited for you, there is nothing like aligning with your purpose!
Sending you love, m