Close Your Eyes... Hoodie


In another lifetime, I own a clothing brand. As a designer, I didn't want to leave behind the designs that personally take my bum to my mat every morning, night, and in between life happenings to meditate, connect, reset - - and refresh! So to do my own laundry. So I am sharing my favorites with you — apparel for when you do your laundry! ✨

They are light colors; because it amplifies our aura, and hoodies so we can cover our head's crown to hold a pure channel.

Loose fit. Crafted from the softest, warmest, fleece ever. You will not want to take this hoodie off! Yes, they are the same style as the ones you get during our retreats. Designed by my heart and programmed by Source. The rest you already know. So enjoy so much, let it become your frequency, and share one with a friend, so she can charge hers. And just like that, a ripple effect of love and light will create a change in this world.

White Hoodie: Fleece on the inside.
Tan Hoodie: Fleece on the outside.


Blessings, M.

Features: Sueded Fleece. Two-tone ribbing. Kangaroo pocket. Dropped shoulder. 
Fabrication: Combed cotton, 48% polyester fleece, 8.0 oz.